The Everglades Architecture Group is a multidisciplinary firm focusing heavily on the commercial construction design needs and high end residential. The firm can assist with providing everything from space planning, site planning, architectural design and preparation of construction documents for permit, including field inspections.

The Everglades Architecture Group combined with The Everglades Group allows us to be a leader in the design-build commercial architecture and general contracting services in South Florida. The Everglades Architecture Group has a wide variety of experience designing everything from multi-family, hotels, grocery stores, restaurants, retail, office and medical along with high end residential in Florida and internationally as well.

Given the opportunity to present clients with in-house architecture allows The Everglades Group to provide the competitive advantage that we can design and build to the client’s budget.  Since inception The Everglades Group and it’s subsidiary The Everglades Architecture Group have focused on providing elite service to clients throughout the design and construction phases working together as a team.

The design team brings several decades of experience to the table understanding the need for customer allure, branding and marketing through design along with efficient workflow. The Everglades Architecture Group aims to provide experiential appeal and the necessary ambiance to provide a comfortable environment most lucrative to their target market.